New Honorary Member!

The League is excited to announce it’s newest Honorary Member, associate Sally Michelson.

Sally has been serving our community for many years. She began by serving on the Salvation Army board and was instrumental in developing its’ Youth Center on Trimble Street. She has also worked closely with LifeLine Ministries, Ladies Living Free and the St. Nicholas Clinic. Sally’s most recent endeavor has been the creation of the Community Kitchen Ministries. Located at 1225 Broadway, CKM is the only service in McCracken County serving lunch on a weekly basis. Serving an average of 900 community members each week.

To show our support and gratitude for all Sally has done and continues to do for our community we will be reserving a week for both league associates and members to volunteer at the Community Kitchen. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Mary Hunter Hancock at

~Mary Hunter Hancock