Charity League Pediatric Room at Lourdes Hospital

The Charity League of Paducah recently presented two $10,000 donations to Lourdes Foundation and Baptist Health Foundation Paducah from its Ethel Dubois Smith Trust Account.

The donation to Lourdes Foundation provided naming rights to one of its new inpatient pediatric rooms located on the fourth floor of Lourdes Hospital. With this donation, a regular inpatient room can be converted to a customized pediatric inpatient room. The new Charity League Pediatric Room will feature brightly painted walls and child décor, a customized restroom for children, a variety of age appropriate toys, upgraded furniture, and more. The hospital can certainly be a scary place for a child, so this donation will provide comfort to the hospital’s youngest patients. 

The donation was made in memory of Ethel Dubois Smith.